Nubian Legend Award meets Gener

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   October 27, 2015
CONTACT:  Mr. Clark Everson  (908) 884-8430

Announcing NY’s Nubian Union Legend Award Winners
On Nov. 23rd, Chasing Stars Gala honors 5 “icons of stewardship

NEW YORK CITY |  The non-profit Unity Missionary Investors — in collaboration with its sister 501(c)(3) organization The Nubian Cultural Center for Research & Development — is proud to announce the winners of The Nubian Union Legend Awards of New York.

Five iconic individuals will be honored at the Nubian Union’s Chasing Stars Holiday Gala, slated for Monday evening, November 23, 2015 at 6:30 PM at the Alger House in the Village, a 1906 mansion-like townhouse in Greenwich Village (45 Downing Street, New York City).

These 5 honorees, according to leaders of Unity Missionary Investors and Nubian Cultural Center, “exemplify unconditional sacrifice and service to the communities that they serve, and they stand as icons of stewardship to everyone.”

Based in New Jersey, the Nubian Union offers a powerful stimulus to community empowerment to economically challenged urban areas. Through activities and programs that provide healthcare, education, lifestyles, economics and more, they promote racial and ethnic harmony through education.

Conferral of The Nubian Union Legend Awards

The gala evening will confer Nubian Union Legend Awards on these 5 honorees:

  1. Dr. William Gibbs, Chief of Service of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn;
  2. China Flowers, fashion and media specialist (not pictured);
  3. Prof. Richard Alston, renowned concert pianist;
  4. Randy Gener, the highly decorated arts/culture editor and drama critic, and founder of In the Culture of One World;
  5. Nadege Dady, Dean of Student Affairs at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Harlem.

Actor and producer Tobias Truvillion — known for Hitch (2005) and Brooklyn’s Finest (2009) — will be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Tobias Truvillion

Tobias Truvillion

Dr. Martin Levine, associate dean for educational development at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, will give the keynote address.

The November 23rd gala will also feature a special presentation by Randy Gener in which he will recount his personal experience of a bias-related hate crime in the Broadway district.

Last year, Gener was viciously attacked as a gay Asian-American man. The racist and homophobic offender was Leighton Jennings of Jamaica, Queens. NYC’s District Attorney’s Office and NYC’s Hate Crimes Unit arrested Jennings and slapped him and his female accomplice with hate crime and felony assault charges.

Gener says: “Young minorities and targeted individuals — blacks, Asian Americans and gay men — have been brutally attacked as a result of violent acts of hate crime and homophobic violence. Often these cases remain badly neglected. Some men have been pummeled while playing football or hockey. Many soldiers have war injuries. I urge NYC politicians, government authorities, hate-crime units and police authorities to work harder and more sensitively to stop violent hate crimes that take place even in the Broadway district.”

In recent years, bias-related crimes have surged 30% across NY State against people of color, ethnic minorities and LGBT people — a great number of them have been young minority men.

“Unlike many black men, I lucked out,” Gener adds. “I am grateful to a slew of empathetic communities, Asian American groups, LGBT friends, and anti-violence projects, all whom made a great difference. The Nubian Union’s Legend Awards gala will be a public occasion for me to single them out:

  • the incredible Filipino-American Press Club,
  • Jacqueline Donovan of Fairway Market,
  • Broadway composer Michael John LaChiusa,
  • the valiant Amy Besa and Chef Romy Dorotan of Purple Yam restaurant,
  • Andrea Louie and the Asian American Arts Alliance,
  • Canadian Critics Association,
  • Consul-General Mario Lopez de Leon and the Philippine Consulate in New York staff,
  • and most especially Frank Nadal, RJ Mendoza-Nadal and Broadway Barkada’s Liz Casasola.
  • These good people held vigils, rallied in the streets for justice and called for the arrest of the violent man who assaulted me. They made a great difference in my life.

“These good people,” Gener continues, “held vigils, rallied in the streets for justice and called for the arrest of the violent man who assaulted me.”

Download Press Release:
Nubian Union Legend Awards Chasing Stars Gala

What is the NubianUnion?
Unity Missionary Investors empowers communities, especially those that are economically challenged, with the tools and programs that will give them sustainable life.

The Nubian Cultural Center for Research & Development promotes racial and ethnic harmony through cultural exchange and education. The center is a multigenerational program dedicated to exploring, researching and generating programs that expose the best of the many cultures within a given community to the public.

The Anthony Fund

The mission of Chasing Stars Holiday Gala
Proceeds for Chasing Stars Holiday Gala will benefit The Anthony Fund, a nonprofit advocacy program created by Unity Missionary Investors to bring awareness to the increasing numbers of young minority men suffering from head injuries, concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

The Anthony Fund helps to fund medical programs that are established to understand and reduce the instances of head injuries and TBI.


All tickets for the gala evening are $130.00 per person and may be purchased in advance by calling 908-884-8430 — or online through NubianUnion’s website at

Checks and credit cards are welcome. Seats are limited, and we urge the public to reserve early.

Advertising may be purchased for the journal and/or the website by calling 908-884-8430 or emailing:

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